I HAVE TO TURN THIS IN IN 2 HOURS!!! PLEASE HELP!! I have the graph "y=(1/2)|x-3|-2" graphed but the question also wants the solutions. What solution is it referring to? (I have another graph with the equation of "3|x+4|-5=-2" (again it is graphed already but it also wants the solutions) and the equation "(2/3)|x+4|+3=2" (graphed but I need the solutions)) I don't know what it means by solutions. An explanation and a solved example would be appreciated

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. Solutions for y=(1/2)|x-3|-2: x = -1 or x = 72. Solutions for 3|x+4|-5=-2: x= -5 or x =-33. Solutions for (2/3)|x+4|+3=2: No solutionStep-by-step explanation:Solving for 1. You have to isolate the absolute valuey = (1/2)|x-3|-2Let y = 00 = (1/2)|x-3|-2 Add 2 to both sides2 = (1/2)|x-3|Multiple by 2 to both sides4 = |x-3|When you have an absolute value, the, whatever the absolute value equals to can be either positive or negative. In this case -4 or +4. Solve for both:-4 = x-3x= -14 = x-3x = 7If you want me to explain 2, let me know.There is no solution for 3. because you end up getting just a negative number and when you have absolute value, you can't have a negative.