I will give crown to the best answe PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!Describe the sequence of transformations that demonstrates the congruence between triangle ABC and triangle A´B´C´.Reflect over the y-axis and translate 6 units down.Reflect over the x-axis and translate 1 units up.Reflect over the x-axis and translate 2 units right.Reflect over the y-axis and translate 1 unit left.

Accepted Solution

You can't get to quadrant 4 to quad 2 without 2 steps. The answers tell you that. The question is, did you use a reflection and a y or x translations or 2 reflections or 2 y or 2x translations.

You can take one point and see if it translate from beginning (purple triangle) to (yellow triangle) end. If two conditions will get you the right answer, then you have to try another point to break the tie.

We'll use Point C.
Choice A: If you reflect C over the y axis, you will go from (-5,1) to (5,1)
                 If you move C six units down, you will go from (5,1) to  (5,-5) which is where C' is.
                 That is pretty much the answer.

I could confirm it with another point which is the way your should do it.

Try Point A
Choice A:  Point A reflects across the y axis going from (-3,4) to (3,4)
                 Point A  translates down by moving from (3,4) to (3,-2) to become A'

Answer reflection and translation  in condition A

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I should do one more for you to show you that it is wrong.
You can try Choice B of the multiple Choice answers.

We will use Point C 
If we translate C across the x axis it will go from (-5,1) to (-5,-1)
The we are to translate 1 unit up. We will go from (-5,0) from (-5,-1) That's nowheres near where C' is. Choice B is wrong.