On the coordinate grid of a map, Josie's house is located at ( 2 , 7 ). Her school is located at ( -5 , 5 ). If each map unit equals one mile, what is the approximate distance from her house to her school?A) 2.83 miles B) 4.79 miles C) 7.28 miles D) 12.37 miles

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option C. [tex]7.28\ miles[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatthe formula to calculate the distance between two points is equal to[tex]d=\sqrt{(y2-y1)^{2}+(x2-x1)^{2}}[/tex]Let[tex]A(2,7)\\E(-5.5)[/tex]  substitute the values[tex]d=\sqrt{(5-7)^{2}+(-5-2)^{2}}[/tex][tex]d=\sqrt{(-2)^{2}+(-7)^{2}}[/tex][tex]d=\sqrt{53}\ units[/tex]Remember thateach map unit equals one mileso[tex]\sqrt{53}\ units=\sqrt{53}\ miles=7.28\ miles[/tex]