Students were packed shoulder to shoulder in a gym for a pep rally. The students were in a rectangular shaped area of 7,500 ft2. If each student on average took up a circular space with a diameter of 2.5 ft, what is the best estimate for the number of students at the pep rally?

Accepted Solution

Answer: 1527Step-by-step explanation: Total Area = 7500 ft^2Area covered by one student = Area of one circle                                                    = π*r^2 r = radius of circle = 2.5/2 = 1.25 ftArea covered by one student = π*1.25^2 = 4.91 ft^2Number of students who can fit into total area = Total Area/Area covered by one studentNumber of students who can fit into total area = 7500/4.91 = 1527.49Hence the answer is 1527 students