which is the quotient of 1/5 divided 3

Accepted Solution

Answer:1/15Step-by-step explanation:Dividing a fraction can sometimes be seen as multiplying it by another fraction. So instead of doing (1/5)/3 we can write it like this: 1/5 * 1/3 And since multiplying something by one third is equivalent to dividing it by three, nothing has really changed. So now we can multiply the fractions. First we'll take the numerator (the number above the line) of 1/5 and multiply it by the numerator or 1/3.1 * 1 = 1 Then we do the same for the two denominators (the numbers below the line)5 * 3 = 15 So now we've turned 1/3 * 1/5 into: (1*1)/(3*5),Then simplified it to: 1/15