you have $95 in your bank account.each week you plan to deposit $7 from your allowance and $10 from your paycheck.the equation b = 95 +(10+7) w gives the amount b in your account after w weeks. gow many weeks. how many weeks from now will you have $155 in your bank account?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:3.5 weeks.Step-by-step explanation:The equation is already made for us, so that makes it a lot simpler. All we have to do is solve it! b=95+w(10+7)Since it wants us to find how many weeks will pass before we have a total of $155, we can substitute $155 for b.We can use the distributive property to simplify the parenthesis.155=95+w10+w7Now, add like terms.155=95+w17Subtract 95 on both sides to further simplify.60=w17Finally, divide both sides by 17 to isolate w.3.5=wSo after 3.5 weeks you'll have $155 in your bank account. Hope this helps!